I'm just a college student looking for a way to get my thoughts and opinions on pretty much everything out in the open. I've never had a blog before, so I'm kind of a newbie. I'm just gonna be myself with this and write whatever comes to mind. Some of it will be funny, lighthearted anecdotes about everyday things, but other parts will be very serious and possibly even taboo depending on a your personal view. As for about me...I really dislike describing myself, but oh well. I'm just over five feet tall with brown hair and brown eyes. I'm also what I jokingly call a European mutt since I have so many different nationalities in family tree. I'm a self-proclaimed klutz, as well as a little bit crazy. I've been told that I'm the kind of person you can either love or hate. Either way, I just don't really care. The way I feel is that, if you hate me, you'd better have the guts to say it to my face instead of acting like a child and spreading rumors. Well, I guess whoever's reading this will just have to read my blog to get to know me better. Later! Mikki

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